It's looking increasingly likely that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang writer and director Shane Black will direct Iron Man 3.

According to Deadline, the negotiations continue between Shane Black and Marvel and it seems everyone and his dog is praying Shane will team up with Robert Downey Jr again for a second time and rework that magic they achieved the last time they worked together on the critically acclaimed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

However it is not confirmed that Black will write the script for Iron Man 3 which is a strange turn of events considering the fact that he is a legendary script writer.

Iron Man 3 interpreted by Shane Black should be quite interesting considering his previous work and by previous work we should remember that this is the man that penned the Lethal Weapon script which broke the mould and became the benchmark for buddy cop films.

Many Marvel fans were not that fussed with the last Iron Man instalment which was unimaginative and dull to say the least.

Someone like Shane Black might be the kick up the backside that the increasingly stale CG dependant superhero films desperately need.

Considering the missed opportunities to embellish the back story and characterisation of these superheroes we must hope that Shane does get his hands on this script.

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