Alistair Darling has revealed in an interview with Sky that Gordon Brown 'unleashed the forces of hell on me'. Is this the sort of support that a loyal front bencher gives with an election looming and rumours and allegations of bullying by Gordon Brown?

The main thrust of the allegations by Darling are directed at Brown's advisers, but when attacking the PM's hounds it does look like the Darling is sticking the boot in when the Prime Minister is down and it's good to see an old face of horror returning to the media's attention.

I am of course referring to Damien McBride, who is the political thug Gordon used to do his dirty work in the media but was exposed by blogger Guido Fawkes.

It is speculated that McBride did everything in his power to undermine Darling after his "Worst recession in 60 years" speech, which apparently  Gordon Brown deemed as being too honest for the public.

The question that I have to ask is, why is it that Alistair Darling himself is determined to further undermine the Prime Minister's already shaky credibility when Labour are making a comeback in the opinion polls?

Alastair Campbell is probably frothing at the mouth after his effort to make the Prime Minister more presentable to the public through publicity like the Piers Morgan interview, the last thing Labour needs now is the chancellor going AWOL.

Many questions spring to mind.

So what can one deduce from Darling's actions? Is he hoping to make a play for the top Job or does he think that another four years of Labour will destroy the country?

Then again he could be making a noble sacrifice of his own political career in order to prevent the nation from suffering any further at the hands of Brown's delusions and 'volcanic tempers'.

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