Beyonce Knowles is once again the centre of speculation on whether of not she is with child. She has expressed a desire to have children in previous interviews, so what are the facts behind this current rumour?

One of the reasons fuelling this latest rumours is that she is walking with her hand covering her stomach just like billions of other people do everyday including men.

According to unconfirmed reports from unknown sources they are allegedly over the moon.

But also on this auspicious day we have unconfirmed reports from unconfirmed sources that Elvis is going to make a comeback but not as a musician or an actor but as the main attraction at Sea World in Texas as an aquatic performer.

He will jump through hoops and the public can tickle his belly whilst feeding him fish.

Back to Jay-Z and Beyonce

I hope that the happy couple are with child and it all goes well IF they are expecting but when you get sources telling you that someone somewhere said something without a faintest idea of who they are or if they exist at all then it all becomes a bit vague.

I am sure Jay-Z and Beyonce will come out with the news when the time is right but for now can we please get on with something of greater importance like filtering the water from what-his-face's duck moat or what-not.

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