Well this should get Katie 'Jordan' Price's back up. But why would Peter Andre want to date the beautiful buxom multi-millionairess who could break his music career into the United States? What possible reason could he have to date her?

Hmmm let me think.

You have to chuckle at the chap's luck, but he has also played the fame game well since his split with Katie Price and that is down to his manager  Claire Powell who has done a magnificent job at promoting Peter and guiding him through his personal trauma since his divorce.

Peter has been offered plenty of work in recent months and is a busy man jetting off here there and everywhere again down to the shrewd workings of Claire Powell but now it looks like some of this high profile activities have brought Mr Andre to the attention of one of the most desired women on the planet.

According to the Daily Star, Pete has been spending a little time partying with Kim Kardashian in Monaco and they are getting along very well so one wonders what the future will hold there?

Both Kim and Peter are no strangers to having camera's documenting their lives thanks to the show 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' and Pete's show called something or other which I cannot be bothered to Google.

Well done Peter, I hope it all works out for you.


Do we need another high profile reality television show with Peter Andre and Kim Kardashian?

Apparently the public need their fix of other people's lives to make their own seem less pointless say 'yes'. This really does make you wonder what kind of a world we are trying to build for our children.

A world where the superficial is more important than the depth of human existence. If we are to follow these high profile people lets make then do some good, Peter and Kim should spend a year working in the world's most deprived areas  helping aid workers and living amongst them.

Then they would be setting an example for the next generation of television junkies to get off their backside. The wealthy can afford to do this where as us mere mortals cannot.

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