Despite the lean economic outlook of recent years one industry appears to be thriving. Online casinos attract vast numbers on a daily basis to play slots, progressive jackpots, roulette, blackjack and everything we would normally associate with the regular land-based alternative.

Are they above the recession and therefore a positive place to look when considering investing in stock?

Just as with any business, a strong business model is needed to secure profits and there will be challenges ahead. Online casinos are here to stay and with the proper marketing and public relations structures in place they are worthy of consideration for investment.

Given the growth achieved in the lean times of recent years, continued growth and prosperity can be expected as economic stimulus emerges once more.

The traditional casino must now contend against the fast moving, instantly accessible world of online casinos

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Informed decision-making for the discerning customer

With a multitude of choices available to would-be online players, an informed decision is required. offers a dedicated team ready to assist with the navigation of the sometimes-complex world of online casinos.

All the major online casinos are featured with details of sign-up bonuses and introductory offers. It lets potential investors play games for free and try and find the best fit before investing.

Casino Shorts provides an essential guide for a novice and is a very useful tool for major companies to attract new customers to their site.

Every Penny Counts – with times still hard, the appeal of online casino play where stakes can be much smaller appeals to many of us more than a trip to a city centre location

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The UK’s favourite hobby – As a nation the United Kingdom loves to gamble

• Some 68% of men and 61% of women in England gambled during 2012

• The average UK household spent £3.20 a week on gambling

• The total number of gambling advertisement spots shown on television increased from 152,000 in 2006 to 1.39 million in 2012.

Growth during lean times

How is the industry seemingly growing in difficult times? The answer rests in the demographic targeted.

Males aged 18-30 are the main target as they are considered as having the required disposable income to play. Popular culture shows us this age profile loves to gamble – turn on your television during a major sporting event and look for the ads for more convincing.

A younger audience is much less likely to be held back with mortgage repayments and loans, meaning shares and stocks in an online casino should be less affected.

As we have witnessed during this recession, social activities can be the first to suffer when times are hard. People are less likely to indulge in the suave Saturday night out with a meal, drinks and a nightclub.

Instead, a night at home with the challenge of turning £10 into a £100 online continues to attract punters in their droves.

This is one industry that appears to be recession proof.

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