88% of adults turn to children’s political guide ahead of the UK General Election

Albert Einstein once famously said “Politics is more difficult than physics” – a theory which has been proven right by a new survey from children’s newspaper First News, which reveals that 88% of adults admit to turning to the paper’s 2015 Election Supplement, to brush up on their political knowledge ahead of 7th May 2015.

In the lead up to UK General Election, the children’s newspaper has released a timely 32-page special edition: ‘In Focus: Who runs our country’ as an educational resource to provide young readers with the tools to understand UK politics.

However the recent survey results show that it is not just children reading the guide, their parents are swotting up too. 2.3% of adults even admitted to ordering solely for their own use!

Houses of Parliament (PD)The special political supplement offers a comprehensive guide starting at the very beginning, covering the history of British politics, right up to the current day. The informative guide includes a summary of each party and their manifestos in a palatable format, and a number of fun and engaging features such as ‘How to rule the country in 8 easy steps’, ‘A day in the life of the PM’, ‘Paw Power’ a roundup of Prime Ministers’ pets, as well as exploring how democracy compares to other political systems around the world such as communism, military rule and dictatorships.

With heaps of imagery, fun facts and insightful (but digestible) information, the supplement is just one of the many ways in which First News hopes to contribute to the education of school children and make the next generation aware of the current events, world issues and political climate.

The special issue can be ordered from the website (www.firstnews.co.uk/special-issues/parliament) and costs £3.50 per copy

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