Jesse James, the biker husband of Sandra Bullock has apologised after claims he has been sleeping with a rather attractive tattoo model. But we are talking about Sandra Bullock who is one of the worlds most adorable and talented women, so has Jesse James totally lost the plot?

Sandra has gone into hiding after these revelations have torn her world apart leaving Michelle 'Bombshell McGee' (the alleged other party involved) the only winner with her profile being raised to an international level, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

And to make matters worse for Sandra she has to face this being affair plastered all over the covers of magazines and newspapers.


Because there are no rules with regard to printing allegations providing you can afford the legal implications if they are false. And if they are true then you sell more newspapers regardless of the  impact on the individual you write about.

We have had enough of the press forcing the lives of sub-celebs and reality television stars down our throats, so when it comes to really talented individuals they are there to stick the boot in and publish their pain and parade their dirty washing for all the world to see.

Sandra has helped raise Jesse James's daughter and her level of commitment is obvious from her comments during interviews and award ceremonies so the poor girl must be devastated.

Why would a man betray such a woman for a bit of fun with an admittedly attractive yet classless woman? Well it might have to do with Jess's taste in women (the mother of his daughter is a porn star) or it may be because we live in a world where our moral values have been eroded and it's OK to be unfaithful because your wife will forgive you.

How do you know your wife will forgive you? Because that's what Tiger Wood's wife, Cheryl Cole and many other wives did. How do you know they forgave?

I read it in the news.

We need to end the reporting of such tripe through our gutter press and leave the lives of celebs out of ours.

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