Cheryl Cole may be hot property here in the UK media but in America she is a 'nobody' and it looks like executives in Fox TV are not as convinced by the singer as we were led to believe.

According to sources Cheryl is an unknown quantity in the USA and this is what the Fox network executives are worried about when you consider the high profile American artists like Katy Perry, Rihanna  and Christina Aguilera who are also potential judges.

The USA version of  X Factor will be up against American Idol, which has established household names like J-Lo with much higher profile so Fox are not going to risk a judge's position to an unknown quantity (other than the fact that she may be the girlfriend of dancer Derek Hough).

Then there is the question of why the great cultural leader Simon Cowell has not made any real reference to Cheryl Cole as having a definite placement on the show. One insider told Now magazine "If Cheryl had the job, he’d have mentioned her on one of the most-watched shows in America".

Then there is the question of what will the American public find if they do a Youtube search for this new unknown judge.

What they will find is a singer who uses auto-tune during many of her live performances and on the rare times you hear her singing you wish the auto-tune was switched on.

When she is not singing she speaks with a broad Geordie accent which is more than understandable to British listeners yet unintelligible to the American ear.

This does not exactly bode well for Cheryl……

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