The legendary beasty that lives under the cold waters of Loch Ness may have died. Well that's the premise of a new documentary which has the Loch Ness Monster fans in uproar.

Ever since Saint Columba had his run in with the beasty under the waves, interest surrounding the monster of Loch Ness has caught the imagination of the world and never so much as in recent times.

The possibility of an otherworldly creature living and breathing under a lake in Scotland defies our  logical understanding of nature and returns some colour into a world that has become grey with science and its reductionist war on anything that brings a sprinkle of magic into our lives.

Many a scientist would argue with that saying the Large Hadron Collider is a magical wonder that will reveal the secrets of the universe.

If that floats their boat then fine, I for one am with the army of Nessy spotters whose idea of magic is sitting  at the edge of a cold loch at sunrise with a camera and not monitoring a load of printed off data from some horrible looking machine that looks like its straight off the Death Star.

The reasoning behind the news that Nessy is dead is very simple.

No one has seen him/her/it recently.

Well that's not quite true but the sightings are remarkably down in the past 3 years so there is conflict between the 'Nessy is alive and well' camp and the 'I am afraid Nessy has popped her clogs' camp.

I am well and truly in the former camp.

Nessy being an otherworldly creature is not subject to the conformity normally attached to earthly creatures found in your Encyclopedia Britannica. Nessy is probably off doing Nessy type things, whatever they may be.

Nessy may be in hibernation or a little depressed and not wanting to be photographed.

Nessy may have taken human form and is currently serving tea in a cafe in Hull as a career break after becoming bored of being a point of speculation and desiring instead to become a 56 year old lady with back problems.

You cannot say Nessy (A creature from outside our parameters of understanding) is dead so lets pick up our cameras and head off to Scotland to find the Loch Ness monster and prove that one of our many national anomalies is still defiantly sticking two fingers up at the world.

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