Daily Brexit Update: Thursday 26th July 2018

Is the UK about to surrender to a customs union with the EU and therefore give up all hope of ever being an independent self-governing nation?

According to politico.eu:

"As U.K. MPs prepare to break for the summer, there is growing sense in Westminster that the only realistic option likely to be left open by the time they return in September will be total surrender to Brussels."

And the pressure is showing as Michael Gove loses it over being told that maybe the people don't trust him and shouts back that this Brexit deal '…is not a betrayal'.

Although Brexit fear-mongering is edging towards full bore, the Telegraph reports that fewer jobs than feared are expected to be moved out of the City after Brexit Day.

On top of that, the Barclays group chairman, John McFarlane, told Reuters that in the long run he did not think London would suffer terminal damage.

And Theresa May says that the stockpiling of food and medicines prior to Brexit day was a sensible move and that people should be comforted by the news, not worried by it.

But the former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, is not impressed:

According to the Sun, the Brexit campaigner fined £20,000 by the electoral commission, Darren Grimes, is mounting an appeal. He got to his £20,000 target within two hours of starting a fundraising appeal.

"The campaigner, who now works for a think-tank, believes he will be able to overturn the judgment because of huge holes in the Electoral Commission’s case." Says the Sun.

And for those who still think that talk of an EU army is just a 'dangerous fantasy':

And Philip Hammond is still pushing the Chequers White paper (video):

But how many times do we have to keep pointing out that "…the UK and the Republic have different currencies, different tax rates, different laws and legal systems".

As Jacob Rees-Mogg Says:

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