Apart from sellers of The Big Issue (more later), some of those miserable beggars staring pitifully at you with outstretched hands asking for your hard earned dosh may actually be going home to a better life than you have according to a report in the Mail today.

Some it seems are taking home about £40 a day with weekends being even more prosperous. They can take home over £15,000 a year, which is the same as a newly qualified teacher taking home £20,000 gross. But they have to ‘wprk’ a six day week to get it. Then one assumes they claim benefits too?

After conducting a survey police in Lincoln have started a crackdown on the scroungers, especially as some of these beggars can become threatening and abusive. Some of the beggars are also doing it as a ‘second job’, they are already in paid employment. This truly endangers those that are really homeless as the backlash could be that money for the honestly disadvantaged people will now not be forthcoming.

The survey showed that people believed they were giving money to help people eat or find shelter for the night. But after investigation it was found that much of it works its way into the pockets of drugs dealers. 60% of those arrested were not homeless and 70% tested positive for Class A drugs.

With the huge welfare state in this country we should be asking ourselves can this person really be homeless. It may be better off to hand them the telephone number of the local council and see what their reaction was. I bet the scrounger would look down their nose at you and just throw it away.

One group you should support though are those that sell ‘The Big Issue. They are homeless, checks have been done. Please do not pass these people by, and so what if you accidentally buy two identical issues. The money really does go to help those that really need it. And the mag is good value and actually a very good read! Another heartfelt plea, these are real people. They are human beings, please stop and acknowledge their existence by speaking to them. Their homelessness is not a disease that will rub off on you. Remember, that whatever the time of year, life is cold, hungry and lonely on the streets for the real homeless amongst us.

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