If there is one thing that proves that the state pension is insufficient for a modern pensioner’s needs it is the proposal that council tax can be deferred until death and then taken out of the estate.

Many have cited this as a lifestyle alternative, live now and have a good time and pay your taxes at death. But the reason we are discussing this is not to give pensioners a choice, it is to find a way of ensuring higher taxes do get paid without the spectacle of sending OAPs to prison.

I doubt very much if pensioners have asked for this. I suspect that given the choice they just want enough money every week to pay their bills and do what they want in the knowledge that something will be passed on to their children and grandchildren.

With a possible death tax at £20,000 per estate, the roll up of council tax and the inevitable inheritance tax, some estates may find there is nothing to pass on despite years of saving.

Then there is the prospect of the state pension being adjusted down to take account of this ‘tax concession’. But only for homeowners who take it up to start with of course.

What of all the pensioners who rent privately or live on council accommodation? How can they defer tax with no property to lodge a charge against?

Gordon Brown is a socialist. The socialist Utopia is where everyone works and hands their full wages over to the state at the end of the month. The state then decides how much of it you actually ‘need’ on a means tested basis and grudgingly lets you have that back. After all you shouldn’t be allowed to have enough to spend on things that are not good for you, should you? Then when you die everything you own automatically reverts back to the state. In between the state decides how you should be educated (for the good of the state, not you), where you live, where and at what you work. The state then spends the money on their grand plans, with an elite chosen few making all the decisions. After all, the elite are the clever ones aren’t they? They and their families will of course also be protected from all these onerous rules and regulations.

OK, a bit over the top I know, but look at what your employer pays you and then at what is extracted before it gets to your bank account. Then consider VAT and all the tax placed on motoring for example. Then ask why so many politicians send their children to private schools.

Now that all that tax has been collected over the last ten years or so we’ve still got a huge deficit with councils and government looking to cut bills (services and jobs that is). That’s why the government needs more tax revenue and why they will find fancier ways to impose it on us.

The money would have been better off in the hands of the ordinary person on the street all along. They know better than the state what they really need to spend their money on.

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