Responding to the latest in a long series of off-beam comments about the UK Independence Party and its supporters from the current 'establishment' Nigel Farage countered by saying:

Nick Clegg and those who wish to weld us permanently to the failing EU are not just dreaming of the past but living in it.

"The Deputy Prime Minister seems to think that ensuring that the UK remains entangled in the only global region that is diminishing in terms of trade and influence is a way of the future. His ideas, and the ideas of the European political elite that he so well represents, are those of the 1950’s and 60’s whereas Britain must be looking for global opportunities to be fit for the next 50 years.

The dreams of the Eurocratic elite, where one size fits all under a bureaucratic command economy, are like reading a cheap cartoon history.” He said, “The future lies with those who can reform fast and react to in a changing world. The European Union is an economic dinosaur surrounded by a world of mammals. It’s time has past. The future is where we can aspire to work in the national interest, on behalf of all our people, with self government and self respect.

Nigel Farage (c) Jeff Taylor of The Economic Voice

Nigel Farage © Jeff Taylor of The Economic Voice

The simple and tragic fact is that the European model is resulting in mass and preventable unemployment for millions across the Continent. It forces us to accept hundreds of thousands of migrants a year which drive down wages in the all important low skilled sector. It imposes huge rafts of regulation and compliance on our business sector, who are desperate to grow and compete in the world but are doing so with both hands tied behind their back by European based red tape.

He has the temerity to suggest he “totally understands” why people vote for UKIP. He doesn’t even understand why the Euro is bad for Britain, was bad for Britain and continues to be bad for Britain. The idea that he understand what makes ordinary UKIP supporters tick shows how disconnected he is from them.”

This was after Nick Clegg accused UKIP of longing to go '….backwards to a sepia-tinted world'.

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