If you're an electrician, plumber or carpenter – you're probably on a good wage. But did you know that it is likely someone around the world is making more money than you for doing the same job? With the help of Electrical Direct, we look further into what countries are paying their employees more and calculate the difference with other competitive salaries.

We also gain an insight on to what specific regions within a country are paying higher salaries for the same work carried out within the research. Although this could be down to the living costs in that particular area – London is more expensive to live in than Sunderland, for instance, whether this is because of the cost of rent or the cost of everyday essentials like grocery shopping.

Gaining qualifications is important for this type of work, of course, but not every country requires the same. Whether this is a difference in the amount of qualifications a person needs or down to the qualification itself – there is a clear difference. In one country, you may need to be more qualified whereas in another you may only require the most basic qualifications.

An example of what qualifications you might need to become an electrician in different countries would be:

United Kingdom

  • Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Electrotechnical Services.
  • Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Installing Electrotechnical Systems and Equipment.
  • Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations (Apprenticeship route only).

United States of America

  • High School Diploma or a General Education Development Exam.
  • Foundation in Maths (including one year of algebra).
  • Foundation in Science (Physics or Chemistry).
  • Practical courses such as Electronics.

To look at this from a different perspective, here are some statistics on the type of education electricians in Japan have:

  • 61% of workers have qualifications from high school.
  • 1% of workers have less than a high school qualification.
  • 16% have an associate degree.
  • 22% of workers have a bachelor of arts degree.

For more information on a more detailed level, take a look at the infographic below and make the comparison to your own personal experience within this sector. Do you find yourself in one of the regions where the pay is lower than another? Would you consider moving regions or even moving countries for better paid work?

Click on the infographic below to enlarge it

Tradesman around the World - Electricians (002)

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