The much anticipated speech by Gordon Brown had some quite rallying moments and I for one was impressed by certain parts of his performance. Maybe he has come into the shape of a political leader albeit too late to save his party and exert any effective influence over the countries banking system which just laughs at him, in fact everyone laughs at him.

After informing us all of how great his team/front bench and ministers are and what a great job they are really doing for us even though we don't realise it, he then moves on to say how socking the Tory party is and how they would have performed in a vastly inferior manner had they been in power… grateful we should be to have Brown and Co. at the helm of our country errmmm just forget the uncontrollable public spending, unprecedented levels of public debt, the breakdown of British society and we are doing a marvelous job.

Brown then went on to talk about his own personal hardships and how he could not afford to go to a fee paying school and how much of a blessing Labour have been to the NHS (That only receives 40% of funding at front line services.
This is thanks to the bureaucratic barrage that soaks up most of the budget which Labour has encouraged). All in all he tries to give the impression that he is an ordinary bloke who is there to serve the banking system and powerful elite ahem sorry I mean the British public.

He achieves all this with a low lick to the Tory ankles by saying again the Tories would have made things a lot worse by leaving it all up to the markets, even though it was Labour Brown who made that famous speech to the banking community encouraging and congratulating the risk takers. All this without bursting into hysterical laughter was probably one of the most impressive moments of his speech.

He then went on to say he would "intervene on bankers' bonuses whenever they put the economy at risk", this is too little too late for most. I am sure Sir Fred Goodwin was being fed grapes by a plethora of servants whilst being tossed off by the most expensive prostitute in the country. Did I say Peter Mandelson?…don't think so.

Then the same dirge of taxing the higher end (Who will can afford to avoid any measures that he implements)….move along people…

Minimum wage will continue to rise so that means some employers won't be able to afford to increase their workforce and start cutting staff who are already ground down to minimum wage. Before long I think minimum wage will become the average wage.

Then he goes on to tackle the social problems we face in Britain – teen pregnancies and ASBO families – the latter will face further intervention by the state into the family instead of giving them harsher prison sentences and the police the powers to go in and deal with them.

Again this seems to be the real state communitarianism (which i mentioned in a previous post) flexing its muscles and dictating the behavior of the individual. We need our police back serving us and not a state idea of the collective.

Supervising mothers in home and forcing anyone who looks after a friend's child to have a CRB check is the state over stepping the mark. There are more practical alternatives to this…stop helping that swathe of society which chooses to be dysfunctional within the LOCAL community and judged by the individuals in the community.

Then a further nail into the coffins of the pub trade by making the pubs responsible for the behavior of the individuals who drink there….if someone gets inebriated in your pub and goes and smashes a window….you the landlord pay for it. I am sure publicans up and down the country will be rejoicing at that one.

Then he turns to our troops…"Let us say to them – all British forces will always have all the equipment they need and the best support they can give.". Is he trying to admit that this was not the case before? I am sure in Afghanistan our troops were full of confidence in that one.

Then there was the Union.

"We will never allow separatists or narrow nationalists in Scotland or Wales to sever the common bonds that bring our country together as one."……no we will hand the lot over to Brussels.


More on the NHS.."We in Britain can transform cancer care – and our ambition is no less than to beat cancer in this generation". Notice the word "We", they the Labour party will do nothing because they will not be in power but here starts the future protection of the Labour party policy.

"And for those with the highest needs, we will now offer in their own homes free personal care."…..really? great news I must say and I approve of this 100% but who is going to pay for it? The taxpayer under a Conservative government who may not be able to maintain such a scheme. Everyone will say "Those rotten Tories they took away that good and noble Labour policy, we want Labour back" even though Labour themselves would never be able to maintain such a scheme over a full term in office.

And to Iran…

"Join the international community now or face isolation." ……oowww tough words from man who can't even get a pension back from a banker.

The rest is predictable i.e. The Tories would have been worse than us dullards, we love the country more than they do and we are the best to look at Britain.

Then the real beauty…."But there are some who let us country down. And never again should any Member of Parliament be more interested in the value of their allowances than the values of their constituents."

And where there is proven wrongdoing, financial corruption, then "we will give constituents the right to recall their Member of Parliament"…… problem there…

Can Britain afford to send 646 people back to their constituencies? or will they have to pay for it themselves?

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