I have lost count of the number times have I read or heard that the Scottish independence referendum is a matter for the Scots and nothing to do with the rest of the UK.

I am also fed up with reference to UK assets, such as oil and the pound, being claimed by the Scots Nationalists along the lines of ‘what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is ours’. Then of course is the question of the slicing up of the current national debt, something that the Nats are quite happy to try and hold the rest of the UK to ransom over (a stance I can see being used again and again during any independence negotiations).

Now I see that delaying the next general election may be on the cards as the first response to the potential ‘constitutional crisis’ of a ‘Yes’ vote.

Well, I have a message for all concerned; the choice for independence maybe for those over 16 years of age living in Scotland, but the choice of how we in the rest of the UK (rUK) deal with a ‘Yes’ result is for us living in the rUK and not for anyone in Scotland or anywhere else for that matter.

In the wake of any ‘Yes’ vote I want the government of the rUK to take the Scots nationalists to the cleaners and hammer out the best possible deal for us, just like they would (should) with any other foreign nation, it works both ways you know!

I do not want to endanger Sterling during a recovery just because Alex Salmond needs to spend, spend and spend again to ‘give’ his people free stuff so he can say ‘look at how well this is going now we’re independent’. I do not want rUK interest rates set to benefit anyone other than the people of the rUK. I also do not want Alex Salmond to be given any opportunity to blame the rUK for any failing of his independence agenda. I want to be completely separate.

UK Flag - FreeFoto.com

UK Flag – FreeFoto.com

The Scots nationalists already claim that, on a per capita basis, they put more into the current union than we do and so want to selfishly run off with the loot, so why should the rUK not then play hardball if they vote to leave?

But we in the rUK will not be able to defend our corner if this damaged Coalition struggles on past the agreed (by statute) general election date.

No, what we need is for legislation to be pushed through urgently that states that, in the event of a ‘Yes’ vote, a general election will be called immediately in order for the people of the rUK to elect a government that promises to negotiate with Scotland (and other interested parties such as the EU) in the very best interests of the people of the rUK – something that the current government is not mandated to do. It will also give people with interests in Scotland, such as businesses, the opportunity to engage.

Some Nats may call a move like this inflammatory, but the people of the rUK, who will also be affected by a 'Yes' vote, did not light the blue touch paper of this fast becoming bitter debate – that was the Nats.

The bottom line is that the people of the rUK must be given a voice and a chance to act on this issue!

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