Facebook has decided to clean up it’s advertising with the introduction of a Relevance score so it’s time to wave goodbye to spammy irrelevant ads that leave little to be desired.

Taking a step in becoming the global hub for serious advertisers, all Facebook adverts will now be scored on the positive and negative feedback the advert receives.

So if you’re targeting a product at an irrelevant demographic or area, you’re going to be penalised.

For spammers this will now mean that they will have to constantly pay higher prices for their advert to gain the reach they want, but for savvy business owners this will mean getting serious about adverts, and taking a long hard look at how they are going about the process to ensure they won’t be hit with the costs of poor advertising.

Facebook has been the beast that needs to be tackled in the realms of social, but with these new changes it could be a more effective tool than predicted. If you feel baffled as to what this means, there are many articles available detailing these changes such as this one. The essence of success will rely on how relevant your adverts will be, and if that’s something you can’t get your head around, here’s some tips on getting the best from Facebook.

Know Your Audience

Keyboard Like (PD)A huge factor of creating an effective Facebook ad is to know who your target audience are.

This should be something that as a business you know instantly.

However if you’re not sure who your audience is, the Facebook insights on your business page contain the detailed demographic data about who is liking what you’re doing.

This should be the people who your advert should appeals to.

Image is everything

Your Advert will have to contain an image, as people are drawn to visuals.

Make sure that it’s something that will stand out and be relevant to your product or the service that you’re promoting, as well as your demographic.

Stay away from any corporate logos or graphics at it’s been proven to be un-relatable and less effective.

Write for Humans

Facebook adverts are very limiting with only 25 characters for the title and 90 for the body, so you’re going to really need to convey your message in a clear, concise manner.

Don’t litter it with keywords and confuse your audience. You need to capture their attention and ensure that you’re instigating them to take action.

A call-to-action must be within the text so give the viewer a reason to click.

Track Success

After spending time and money making an advert for specific to your marketing needs, don’t forget that Facebook will enable you to view its success and the rate of reach.

However if you want to see how effective it’s been for your business installing Google Analytics for any website traffic and a call tracking system such as this one, can show you if Facebook is bringing in the business.

As with any social marketing the strength will lie in your capacity to adapt and change.

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