Our new UK coalition government has now said it is ‘committed to restoring and defending your freedom’ and they are ‘asking you to participate’.

They are doing this via a new government website ‘Your Freedom' (yourfreedom.hmg.gov.uk).

According to the new website they have had a response of 2,205 ideas, 7,419 comments and 18,000 votes on their first day.

We at The Economic Voice would urge anyone with an idea of how to improve the workings of the UK to commit their ideas to electronic print. Give air to your hidden thoughts and let the powers that be know how you want to see our country improved.

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister tells you what it is they are looking for.

Don’t let them and yourself down by remaining silent.

Many people will be thinking that their idea is too small and unimportant to be taken seriously by the public at large and our busy politicians. But you may be surprised at how much silent support you have for your idea, support that only becomes apparent when the idea is put forward. And you’ll never know unless you give it an airing.

They have given you a vehicle not only to put ideas forward but to also support and comment on those ideas put forward by others. So don’t be shy, write it as you see it!

Now, some detractors will say that this has all been done before and it didn’t work last time. Or you may feel that your idea will be swamped out by the sheer volume of traffic.  Please do not let that deter you!  It is easy to participate and costs nothing, so please give it a chance. Maybe your idea will be the one that gains traction and is taken up and adopted by the new government. Maybe it will be you that is the one that changes the country for the better!

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