With 5,000 complaints to Ofcom throughout this years series of X Factor and 1,000 of those complaints were for guest artists Rihanna and Christina Aguilera's respective yet disrespectful performances on Saturday nights X Factor final.

A spokeswoman for ITV said that she thought the guests on X Factor were appropriate in their performances for the show and Ofcom is looking into the complaints but not investigating the X Factor itself.

But Simon Cowell has been told by ITV chiefs that he must cut the sleaze which has crept into the show this year more than any other year in the show's history.

Auto-tuning, result fixes and over sexualisation of the show has left the show's reputation in tatters and could be the reason Simon Cowell is thinking of leaving the X Factor.

But 1,000 complaints out of 17.2 million viewers isn't that bad going really and this could all be a bit of a hoo-hah about nothing. Or is it a reflection on a desensitised audience that no longer thinks imitating sexual acts is unacceptable for children to watch.

X Factor has always stuck two fingers up firmly to real artists who write and perform their own music and have crafted their songwriting to advance art itself whilst trying to communicate music in a new, personal and meaningful way to the listener.

Now X Factor sticks two fingers up at taste.

Honestly if you want to watch sex then there is plenty of porn out there, please keep it out of the front room where the kids are playing.

You may think that these performances by Rihanna and Christina Aguilera are a far cry from pornography but if these performances would have been aired on television 50 years ago the show would have been shut down and the nation would have been in uproar with Simon Cowell having to leave Blighty by an underground network to a life of exile.

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