The most personal last correspondences of Jade Goody may have been hacked after private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire admitted he targeted the Big Brother Star in 2007.

The Daily Star reports that the confession by Mulcair (who is centre stage in the News of The World hacking scandal) set alarm bells ringing that Jade may have been the victim of hacking right up until the end of her life.

27 year old Jade Goody died from cervical cancer on the 22nd of March 2009 and her widower Jack Tweed said "I’m very disturbed and I’ll be seeking legal advice".

Jade's long time friend, confidant and advisor, PR Mogul Max Clifford spoke out in reaction to the news of Jade being Hacked "It’s awful and disgusting if this is true.   “Everyone knew this young woman was dying so to do it would be the lowest of the low"

A spokesperson for Jade Goody's estate has said they have not been contacted regarding the matter by anyone from Operation Weeting which is Scotland Yard's anti hacking division.

The sickening news that Jade was hacked is a reflection on the sort of thing that goes on in the gutter press and I am sure questions will  be asked with regards to the honesty of the hierarchy of News International and News Corp since former News International legal manager Tom Crone and former News of the World editor Colin Myler have come forward to say that James Murdoch misled MPs.

If Rupert and James Murdoch were not aware of hacking commissioned by The News of The World, they appear to be the only ones in the trade who weren't aware it was going on.

But I must ask one question, why are none of the other tabloids and their owners  being pulled up for closer scrutiny regarding hacking? So why is it just the Murdoch empire in question?

Sorry but the practice of phone hacking seems to have been endemic within the press and Rupert Murdoch doesn't own them all.

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