I have been putting it off for some time, but today I went to the cinema to watch Avatar in 3D, I knew it would be good but I was not prepared for it to be bloomin' fantastic.

Right from the off the viewer is treated to some spectacular 3D and computer generated visuals all perfectly tied in with the cast who perform admirably well.

Is this an arty film? No, but it is a great work of art and that is the key thing to remember before watching.

At times it felt like a slightly more grown up version of 'The Lion King' but that does not do this film justice and I could slam many parts of this film for its predictability in plot only to miss the out completely whole experience and the film is an amazing experience overall.

Only after coming home and analysing the film do I find fault where there was none apparent during the viewing, so that says much about the quality of said experience and also the way we absorb a film over time after watching it.

Yes James Cameron has really come up with something special that is not designed as a film to please the usual critics but instead an entirely enjoyable piece of cinema that leaves you wondering how the hell did he manage to actualise such a masterpiece?

You are transported to another world where a paralysed man is able to walk again through a half human/half alien life form, that he experiences the world through in order to infiltrate and alien village that is built on some precious ore being mined for humans back on earth which is of great value.

The hero of the film decides that he has had enough of infiltrating the village of aliens and goes native and falls in love with one of them much to the annoyance of his commanding officer blah blah blah blah.

I am trying to write a scathing critique on this film because I have had enough of the numb-skulls reviews that only manage to skim the top of the film and say "The special effects were awesome" which of course they truly were and with equal gusto I have had enough of the reviews that slate the film for the very reasons I have already mentioned because this film is so much more.

No it is not enlightening spiritually and I am sure it will breed a new kind of Gaia based new age teeny spirituality just like 'The Matrix' did with its "Nothing is real" pseudo spiritual message but none of that is important because the film is one thing and one thing alone.

The Vatican also did not approve of the nature worship Gaia theme running through the film which turns people away from the deification of Christ and towards a paganesque white witch version of 'The Wicker Man' but if someone is dull enough to go and sleep under a tree after watching this film then they are probably too dull to worry about it in the first place.

What will history make of Avatar? I think it will be held up against other similar epic films because this is a modern epic for the 21st century and it will be remembered with fondness and could make a good, regular seasonal film show around the festive season for many years to come.

It is a spectacle that will cement James Cameron as one of the world's top directors for popular culture and I will leave you with what happened to me whilst leaving the cinema seats. As I got to the bottom of the steps to hand my 3D glasses back in there was a girl in a wheelchair also leaving her seat and my heart bled for her.

This film must have worked on an entirely different level for her.

She would have just sat for over two hours watching a story about someone who is is transformed from depending on a wheelchair to an athletic humanoid who can walk and run freely over the magical landscape of another planet.

The parallels that girl must have been drawing with her own predicament are too upsetting to dwell on for too long and I get the feeling this was not the first time she had seen this film and that it won't be the last.

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