Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt has put the record straight saying he is not Prince Harry's father.

When repeatedly questioned in an interview with Inside Edition ( on the question regarding Harry's paternity and the possibility that Harry may be a genetic abbreviation of himself, Hewitt said "No I am not".

"I am not happy talking about it."  and added "It's out of respect for everyone."

Speculation has been rife over the similarities between Harry and James since the news of Diana's affair with Hewitt broke, but the affair is not meant to have taken place until after Harry's birth.

I really don't care if Ken the milkman is Prince Harry's father and nor should anyone else except Harry and his family (and possibly Ken the milkman…..who is fictitious by the way).

But seeing as its out in the public domain lets just take a look at Harry.

His glare/look is exactly the same of that of Prince Philip. He even likes the Nazi uniform just like his grandad (supposedly) does, so I think that lays to rest any further speculation on the matter.

Unless of course we have a state sanctioned DNA test to see if Hewitt is Harry's father with Jeremy Kyle reading out the results to the world in between Kate and William's wedding vows broadcast live.

Now that would be entertainment!……

Harry is Prince Charles's son…..he just doesn't look like him but he does have that 'I will tear you apart from limb to limb Mr Fox and drink your blood through a straw' look.

Would I trust Prince Harry to look after my Children's pet rabbits and hamsters if we went away?

No I would not….that is how certain I am that Philip is Harry's grandfather which makes Charles Harry's father by default.

James Hewitt is ginger and so is Prince Harry…..that single connection is the premise, which many base Harry's paternity on. But with that same logic an Ed Miliband is Cheryl Cole's brother because both are unconvincing in their professional roles.

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