Way, way back on 13th February 1993 CCTV footage from the ‘Strand’ shopping centre in Liverpool captured the chilling footage of a two year old toddler being led away by the hand by two other children who would go on to torture and bludgeon him to death.

Each time I see the footage it makes me feel physically sick. The two year old, as we all know now, was little Jamie Bulger. The two 10 year old murderers were Jon Venables and Robert Thompson.

Venables and Thompson took Jamie to a railway line where they threw stones at him, stuffed batteries into his mouth and hit him repeatedly with a heavy bar. They then hid his lifeless body on the railway line. When the body was discovered it was too badly injured and dismembered to identify by normal means.

During their Police interview the killers described how the child was calling for his mother as they assaulted him.

If there has ever been a case for human beings to be exterminated it is this one. I accept that Venables and Thomson were children at the time too. What I also accept, is that some people, even children of 10, can be evil to the core! No one will ever convince me that the actions carried out by these two children all those years ago demonstrated anything else.

Venables and Thompson served less that 8 years for the killing of Jamie Bulger and were released when they were young adults in order to re-build their lives. They were given new identities and witness protection which will have cost an obscene amount of taxpayers’ money.

I wonder what the parents of Jamie Bulger were given other than that of their own life sentence.

Jon Venables, now 27 years old, is back in prison for breaching his ‘life licence’. Another kick of sand into Jamie’s parents faces! Despite much press speculation, what Venables actually did to get his licence revoked is not currently public knowledge but, one must draw the conclusion that it must be something pretty significant to force the authorities to risk blowing his new identity.

Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, has told us that it is not in the public interest to disclose details of the breach. Once again Straw has showcased his ability to get things totally wrong when making that statement. It is absolutely in the public interest to know what the child murderer had done. After all we have been paying for his new life which he has seen fit to throw away!

One would think that since Venables has adequately shown that he has no control over his behaviour neither as a child, nor now it would seem as an adult, he should stay behind bars for an acceptable term for the killing of Jamie Bulger. This will not be that case though. He will serve some time but once again be released to continue his life. If it is suspected that his identity has been compromised, he will start again with his third set of identification papers, and once again, no one will know, until he re-offends.

He was given a chance, a chance that he never gave to Jamie Bulger, that of a life. He blew that chance and should not be given another. I hope, for his sake that his true identity is not uncovered by inmates in whatever prison he finds himself.

Or would that be true justice I wonder?

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