Daily Brexit Update: Wednesday 1st August 2018

Japan will back a UK bid to forge a trans-Pacific trade deal after the UK leaves the European Union, reports the Express.

Japanese cabinet minister Toshimitsu Motegi said in a meeting with the UK International Trade Minister, Liam Fox:

"I'd like to welcome your country's expression of interest in acceding to TPP11.

"Your expression of interest is indeed a great encouragement to our efforts to attach importance to the free-trade system based on rules, and to fight against protectionism.

"Japan will not spare any effort to support the UK, including providing relevant information, and acting as an intermediary to you in relation to other TPP member countries."

And Gina Miller is back! That's if she ever left in the first place. Writing in the Guardian she says that the people want a proper say on Brexit so they should have it. But she also says:

Leaving the EU is only the first phase of the Brexiter agenda to shake us free of the laws, rules and rights that many see as a constraint on the implementation of their frighteningly rightwing vision of Darwinian capitalism.

What a load of tripe! Just more rancid scaremongering!

And the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) stokes the Brexit scaremongering pressure cooker with a report that says Brexit will cause a UK GDP drop of 1.5% over the next ten years and push inflation upby 1.4% I wonder what economic models they used?

And Larry Elliott, the economics editor of the Guardian, reports that NIESR says that May must push for an even softer Brexit! All I have to say to that, any softer and we'll be inside the Schengen and Euro zones within the week!

And the NIESR also wants the Bank of England to be more open and says it expects the BoE Monetary Policy Committee to raise the bank rate tomorrow! Let's see!

And of course what would we do without the usual 'post Brexit Kent roads snarl-up to come' reports (video):

But the congestion etc is not all down to lorries:

Now for the sunnier climes. The BBC gives us its take on holidays post Brexit (video):


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