The leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, said today that there will be a vote of no confidence in the Boris Johnson government at an appropriate and early time.


Jeremy Corbyn said today that he and his Labour Party will do all they can to prevent the UK leaving the European Union without a deal.

"I’m sorry, it’s not on," he said, "it’s not acceptable. We will do everything we can to block it. There will be a no-confidence motion put at a point when we can win it and a point when we can make sure this government is not allowed to take this country out of the union with no deal because of all the dangers there will be to the people of this country.

And Labour MP Jack Dromey, has told Radio 4 that his party is talking to the Lib Dems as well as what he called 'forces of light Tories'.

He said there was a strong cross party consensus to stop a no deal Brexit and that they were utterly determined to do so. And he went on to say:

The question is when and what mechanism. But that move will happen. It will happen. Now, as to when, and the difficulties associated with that, remains to be seen. But it will happen."

And the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell has also said that it was almost inevitable that a motion of no confidence would be tabled by Labour in September.

And he also said that claims that it was too late to stop a no deal Brexit are wrong and that the claim has been challenged by constitutional experts and he said:

"We have the opportunity to put down a no-confidence vote to then ensure that actually we can then install a government that will prevent a no deal but there will be other parliamentary mechanisms we can use as well."

This sounds very much like Labour wants to avoid the General Election route and just wrest control of government away from the Tories.

But there are difficulties there because according to the Institute for Government it probably requires Boris Johnson to resign before they can attempt to form another government.

He could just sit there for two weeks and wait for the clock to run down to triggering a general election and it would then be held in November after we'd have left the EU without a deal.

So I assume some sort of legal move will be made to force his resignation, or some arcane constitutional instrument will be unearthed and used.

Then there's the matter of Jeremy Corbyn trying to win a vote of confidence to form a government – in my view, fat chance.

But whatever happens those two weeks will be crucial. The Remainer MPs will be desperate to stop Brexit and will be setting up Humble Addresses to the Queen and trying to take charge of the Order paper again.

This where we'll see a bit of a political tussle between the Speaker, Remainer John Bercow, and the new Leader of the House, Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg.

And for his part, Boris Johnson has restated today that he will not be calling a General Election because we had the 2015 election, the 2016 referendum, the 2017 General Election and the people just want the government to deliver on Brexit. "The last thing I want to do is call another election" he said.

If that's the case, then the only route to a General Election will be via the vote of no confidence.

And, if Boris refuses to resign and insists on waiting for the two week period allowed to elapse for him to try and regain the confidence of the House, then any General Election we have will be held after we've left the EU.

And further, because Parliament would be dissolved MPs would not be able to vote for any Withdrawal Agreement or Political Declaration meaning we would leave without a deal.

And while all this is going on Brussels will sit back and do nothing, believing the words of the Remainers who say they will stop us leaving on the 31st of October.

Businesses will stop their no deal preparations or will at best be confused.

The Remainers are now injecting huge amounts of uncertainty into the UK economy and it is they who will be to blame for any problems we have after October the 31st.


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