Isn't that nice, Jeremy Corbyn has written a friendly letter to Theresa May telling her what he would like to see in any Brexit deal.


The Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has written a letter to Theresa May setting out what he and his party would like to see in any Brexit deal.

And what he's come up with is frankly pie-in-the-sky rubbish that cannot be viewed as Brexit in any shape or form.

Number one on his list is a permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union with the EU.

And on this he writes:

"This would include alignment with the union customs code, a common external tariff and an agreement on commercial policy that includes a UK say on future EU trade deals."

The EU will love everything in there except for the bit that says: "an agreement on commercial policy that includes a UK say on future EU trade deals".

That will never be agreed to, it is against the EU's own policies.

So, is that one of Jeremy's own red lines? Or will that be negotiated away?

Number two is to have a close alignment with the single market. And this should be underpinned by shared institutions, shared obligations and clear arrangements for dispute resolution.

Right, having shared institutions means we haven't really left the EU then.

And what are these shared obligations? Does that include freedom of movement maybe? Or more likely having to pay a hefty bill for the privilege.

And the dispute resolution will be under ECJ rule because the EU will not allow it to be any other way, if we are in a permanent customs union with them and in close alignment to their single market.

Third is what he calls dynamic alignment with EU rights and protections so that, in his words, "UK standards keep pace with evolving standards across Europe as a minimum, allowing the UK to lead the way."

So we have to wait for the EU to make their rules and then we can 'lead the way' by copying and pasting them into our law with a bit of gold plating added in.

Fourth is that the UK commits itself to participating in EU agencies and funding programmes.

Which means that, just like today, EU agencies control what we do and we would have to put in more than we get out, then get told where and on what to spend the bit we do got back. Genius …. not!

And lastly he talks about staying in the EU Arrest Warrant and having access to EU security databases.

Wonder how much that will cost us?

This is not Brexit. The stench coming from this equals that emanating from Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement.

Corbyn's Brexit is very much like the PM's in that we would end up in a permanent customs union either by design or by backstop, continue being controlled by Brussels, with huge bills to pay and no real say.

Now, for those that missed it, it seems that the plan for the UK to leave the EU under Theresa May's Brussels authored Withdrawal Agreement, means that the European Communities Act, or ECA, of 1972 will not be repealed at 11 pm on the 29th March 2019.

Now, the repeal of the ECA 1972 is plainly laid out in the Withdrawal Act 2018 to be at that exact time and on that date. So how can it not happen you ask.

The answer is, that to make Theresa May's deal work, another act needs to be passed and that one is already in the form of a bill ready to go through parliament and is called the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill.

Now that astute Tory Brexiteer MP Bill Cash asked the Prime Minister about this in the House of Commons on the 29th January and here is the question and answer from Hansard:

Bill Cash asked:

"On the question of our control over our laws, to honour the referendum will my right hon. Friend give instructions to make certain that in any future withdrawal and implementation Bill, there will be an express repeal of the European Communities Act 1972, so as to dovetail with section 1 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, which we have passed?"

And the answer the PM gave was:

"As my hon. Friend knows, in the European Union (Withdrawal) Act, we repealed the 1972 Act. It would be necessary to replicate the impact of some aspects of that Act for the purposes of the implementation period, but I certainly take what my hon. Friend has said.

Now here's the important bit.

"Within the withdrawal agreement Bill that we will need to bring before the House, we will make absolutely clear the arrangements for ensuring that the European Communities Act, and its impacts, do not go beyond the end of the implementation period."

….we will make absolutely clear the arrangements for ensuring that the European Communities Act, and its impacts, do not go beyond the end of the implementation period.

That says to me that the ECA 1972 will end up not being repealed and will be staying in force until the end of the transition period, however long that takes and however far it is extended into the future.

This would basically reverse Brexit in reality and keep all the EU treaties and laws alive and kicking in the UK.

As far as I can see, instead of organising our full withdrawal from the EU, the two main parties in the UK are advocating the removal of the UK Commissioner and MEPs from the EU system and barring UK ministers from the EU Council – but leaving everything else pretty much as is.

Is this the best they can come up with after all their promises?

The message must, by now, be clear – if you want to leave the European Union, then vote UKIP (UK Independence Party) – it's that simple. A vote for any other party is a vote to Remain under EU control, in one form or another.

So, please let us all know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Thank you for watching.


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