Jo Calderone, who is the latest personification/male alter ego of Lady Gaga, attended the MTV Video Music Awards awards in her place.

Dressed as a man with makeup effects Lady Gaga stepped into the shoes of New Jersey Jo who is apparently of Sicilian origin.

Jo (Gaga whatever…) insinuated that he is the boyfriend of Lady Gaga at the VMAs but he also thinks Britney Spears is pretty hot and would consider becoming an item with her if she wanted to…..this is after Jo (Gaga) did try to kiss Britney at the awards.

In front of the live audience Jo said “I used to have photos of Britney on my walls and would touch myself when I was laying in bed.” Much to the horror of Britney who did not know where to look.

Jo wound up the audience for about 4 minutes in true Andy Kaufman style then jumped on the piano to perform 'You and I' with Queen guitarist, Brian May making a cameo appearance.

The sycophantic,  mutual appreciation society that is known as the VMAs is an excellent way of getting mediocrity across to the masses of thick people who tune in to watch it and this is why Lady Gaga is like a breath of fresh air at these awards, after all she turned up to last year's VMA s in a dress made of meat.

Gaga's creative stream is thought provoking and desperately needed in today's society, however her Blasphemous Modern tendencies do cheapen her art but hopefully with a little maturity the 25 year old will hone her already mastered craft that little bit more.

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