X Factor winner, Joe McElderry has come out as gay after hackers hacked into his Twitter account. The hackers posted a spoof coming out for Joe which led to him actually revealing his true sexual orientation.

Joe has said that he has always been honest when questioned on his sexual preference and he has decided that after much deliberation and reflection that he is actually gay.

He is very happy about coming out as a gay man and that he fancies men blah blah blah blah.

Good on you Joe I am glad you're happy and I hope you do well but why on earth is it such important news? This story has been splattered all over the press at a time when we should be focusing on the real issues of the day.

Like the fact that we are working like slaves to pay off massive debts that most of us have not benefited from.

In fact, it is very doubtful we will ever be able to seriously honour our debts if we get caught in a deflationary spiral seeing as our tax take will be seriously hindered.

But oh no…..the press continues to snap away at the thick and talentless  (Not Joe, he can sing and very well, which is more than can be said of his X Factor mentor) like a certain recently married attention seeking lady who thinks it's great to be the child of a divorced couple.

Mankind is about to enslave itself to hypothetical debt yet taking a photograph of Jordan at her wedding is the main focus of the gutter press.

It really makes you wonder how stupid we are as a nation.

When Joe McElderry does a  masterpiece of an album that enriches our culture then the press should be behind him 100%, in the the mean time we have much more serious issues to deal with as a country/planet than the trivialities of a reality television star's sexual preference.

I am straight, should we have a headline reading "Fat opinionated nobody is straight"?

No we shouldn't.

"Ah but what of his fans?" I hear you cry……to which I reply "let them read his Twitter or website….the rest of the world is in crisis and there are far more important issues that should be gracing the front pages of newspapers"

Wakey Wakey!!!

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