Yet again The X Factor competition has ended and a new tradition where the winner will be the Christmas number one has been set. Joe McElderry, the new winner, is looking to take the number one seat for the festive season with yet another rancid emission from the Simon Cowell music factory.

This is the music factory that turns out  the predictable emotive faeces with the obligatory semi-tone rise towards the end with a suspended note on the vocals to give the illusion that the singer just raised his vocal range by a whole octave.

In other words its a cheap trick that never fails to con the masses into believing that they are witnessing a great artistic performance by true artists and that the musical arrangements on X Factor are of a high quality.

Yes both Joe McElderry and Olly Murs have excellent voices and are excellent singers and entertainers and I would like to  to congratulate Joe for his consistently brilliant performance throughout the competition, he won the hearts of my family.

I wish in no way to denigrate their talent especially as Joe brought a few tears to my eyes in the course of the competition with his remarkable voice and Olly was great fun.

Nor do I wish to say that the X Factor isn't great family viewing because, in a time when the family is so fragmented, The X Factor provides an opportunity for the whole family to sit around together and communicate, the value of which cannot be understated.

What I object to though, is the dominance of the such contrived soulless music in the charts and the public's unquestioning belief in Simon Cowell as an arbiter of taste, which he clearly is not. In fact if it is endorsed by Simon Cowell it is going to be formulated to the max with almost no input from the singer because even the delivery of each note is debated by a team of 'experts'.

The X Factor has a nasty side effect……it makes people believe that they can gain fame through an easy route, like a competition without having to put in any real work at the coal face.

What I mean by this is, if you want to be an artist you must first learn your craft. A singer must learn an instrument to accompany himself or herself with in order to write a song.

What's the importance of writing your own song? I hear you say. Well, in my view you can never truly put your heart and soul into someone else's words or music. This is something I found out by myself whilst working with many great singers and artists over the years. There is something inside every true artist that makes themselves believe they are committing fraud by performing someone else's songs.

To me someone who truly has The X Factor must be able to create the whole package from start to finish.

He or she must be able to write a song, arrange it and perform it live.

I think we should see a renaming of The X Factor to "Britain's best singer for formulated soulless music" not quite as catchy but at least a little more honest.

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