There is a Facebook campaign by music fans of the higher calibre for John Cage's orchestral composition that consists of four minutes and thirty three seconds of silence to be No 1 in the charts this Christmas in order to prevent this year's as yet unknown and undecided X Factor winner from reaching the No 1 spot.

Last Christmas Joe McElderry was the victim of a similar Facebook campaign that saw Rage Against The Machine's 'Killing In The Name Of' reaching No 1 as a protest against the soulless factory produced music generated by the X Factor.

Joe's single was set to be No 1 just like previous X Factor singles however the growing backlash to the X Factor resulted in the aforementioned Facebook campaign denying him a Christmas No 1.

Joe's reaction was that of a true gentleman, in that he went on to congratulate the winners.

This year it is the turn of fans of contemporary classical music to voice their disgust at the way X Factor has cheapened music and downgraded entertainment by campaigning for the late composer John Cage's 4'33" composition to reach No 1 this Christmas.

4'33" comes in three movements where the orchestra plays nothing during the three movements.

This may seem like a joke to the average Joe on the streets (excuse the pun) however it is a very serious piece of work and is conceptually brilliant.

Each audience member experiences something completely different depending on which ambient sound from the venue they focus on forcing them to listen in depth to the noises of their environment leaving them emerged in a kind of Zen moment of silence.

Performances of 4'33" are said to be the most tense performances (and performances they are) ever experienced.

Some people laugh during the performances whilst others find the whole thing too intense and uncomfortable but all agree that what they experience is unforgettable.

There is even a cover version by Band of Pain of 4'33" on their You're Miss Fortune album.

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