John Major By Chatham House (CC-BY-2.0)

By Chatham House (CC-BY-2.0)

Will someone please put a large lock on the door to the political crypt containing all those previous party leaders and prime Ministers and just bolt it shut from the outside?


Yesterday ex-Labour Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, emerged from the political crypt to give us his ludicrously complex answer to the Brexit issue that would have ended up causing more uncertainty and division.

And now Former Tory Prime Minister, John Major, has lurched forward from the gloom with his idea for Theresa May, the head of the UK executive, to stand back and become a mere mediator in the Brexit process, by allowing all MPs to choose freely in a series of indicative votes to point to a way out of the Brexit deadlock.

If she can't find a deal that parliament can accept, Major said, then she should become a facilitator to find out what they would accept.

With the main problem of course being that the majority of the country voted to leave the EU and the majority of our MPs voted and campaigned to stay in the EU. So any solution they collectively come up with would have Remain running through it like a stick of Blackpool Rock.

And further, this is largely the same collection of MPs that decided that they had to let the country decide in the first place via that referendum just two and a half years ago.

So to ask those same politicians to now come up with something that works is a ridiculous suggestion.

The people were asked and they have given their verdict – to Leave – full stop.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the only reason these politicians are having so many problems, while tottering from constitutional crisis to constitutional crisis and having to break precedents along the way, is because they refuse point blank to bend their knee to the will of the electorate as indicated by the largest exercise in democracy our country has ever seen.

And this brings me quite neatly to the next point.

A day or two ago a thought popped into my head – and yes it does happen occasionally – the thought that our no deal or WTO exit route out of the EU is a sort of Brexit back-stop, so I filed the thought away for developing on later.

So it was great to see that Charles Moore has already done that in a piece in the Telegraph where he says that "No deal is the people’s backstop against Remainer attempts to frustrate Brexit". I like the phrase 'the people's backstop'.

And the Brexiteer Tory MP Owen Paterson Tweeted about Moore's article saying:

“The key point about no deal. Not only is it the ultimate leverage which any negotiator needs. It is also the legal guarantee of Brexit if all else fails. It is Brexit’s backstop. Which is why, of course, such desperate efforts are being made to kill it.”

What would have taken me hours to sort out has been very neatly summed up by two good thinkers.

But I would add that the exit date and time of 11 pm on the 29th March 2019 is irrevocably tied into this as well.

The threat that a no deal Brexit will definitely occur at a certain specified point in time is crucial to the whole exercise.

The WTO backstop must have the teeth of a deadline. A moving goalpost is not a backstop.

That is why every attempt to extend or rescind the Article 50 process must be viewed as part of an attempt to reverse Brexit. And, importantly, as a refusal of those concerned to bend their knee to the sovereign will of the people.

Because if you've extended Article 50 once, you can do it again and again for a myriad of different reasons – but if it is ever fully rescinded, it will be permanent as the Remainer calls for a second referendum would then melt away because they would not need one.

If Article 50 were fully rescinded, instantly and legally reversing Brexit, the ball would then be in the Leave campaign's court to get Brexit back on track again!

The Remainers would say we're in and we will fight to stay in. It would be back to square one for the Brexiteers – probably another 20 plus years of campaigning, while the UK establishment buries the country ever deeper and irretrievably into the EU machine!

Be in no doubt, that WTO exit timed for 11pm on the 29th of March 2019 really is the Brexiteer's backstop, and therefore yes it is the people's backstop, so we should not tolerate any attempt to interfere with it.

Anyway, please let us all know what you think by leaving a comment below and thank you for watching.


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