Tom Ravenscroft, son of the late John Peel who revolutionised the airwaves by bringing new and contemporary music to the masses, has decided to follow in his father's footsteps and champion the cause of bringing new and exciting new music to the ears of the nation.

I was genuinely gutted when John Peel died, as a teen I would sit in my parent's kitchen at night escaping reality through listening to the new, weird and wonderful music that John Peel would throw across the airwaves.

It was quite romantic sitting in that kitchen hearing some obscure band from goodness knows where playing music that in no way conformed with what I was hearing on top of the pops back in the good old days when you had a whole 4 channels of television to choose from.

Since John's death there has been a huge vacuum in the radio and media where the great Peel once sat and kids today don't get the same exposure to an authoritative figure/ambassador for alternative music.

He has much to live up to but let's give Tom a warm welcome to the radio and hope he can save BBC 6 Music from the axe it is currently facing.

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