In summary, the England football captain John Terry allegedly had an extra marital affair, got a girl pregnant, paid for the abortion and gave the woman a small payout.

This of course will come as a very nasty piece of news for Terry’s wife Toni Poole.What is totally ludicrous is the assertion is some circles that this somehow throws doubt on Terry’s ability to captain the England football team.

Public and private life is full of these types of affairs. Each one is greeted with a different reaction. For example, John Major went up in the view of many when the story of his dalliance with Edwina Currie surfaced.

How many of us have been party to this type of shenanigans, either with knowledge or by actual direct physical action? Does it make those involved any less effective at their jobs? In some cultures an ‘active’ sexual appetite would be seen as an indication of high overall ability

But it is not the tripe of hot-blooded passionate affairs of people thrown together that we should be concerning ourselves with. We should be worried about the cold blooded machinations of politicians as well as power and money brokers operating covertly behind the scenes.

In the modern world we are bombarded with stories, pictures and films depicting the sexual misdemeanours of the real and fictitious rich and famous. To some degree they are all accepted and even lauded by the public.

Our celebrities are as flawed as we are, possibly even more dysfunctional. By publicising and airing their faults maybe we are making this type of behaviour more and more acceptable as time goes on. After all, if it’s good enough for the England football captain, maybe it’s good enough for the rest of us. Do we really want our children emulating this behaviour? Especially if we’re spending a fortune on time, emotion and cash on that wedding (and subsequent divorce) of theirs.

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