The man responsible for attempting to cover Rupert Murdoch's face with shaving foam is Jonnie Marbles and it looks like the man has become a national hero.

Facebook and Twitter are awash with links to yesterday's attack on Murdoch at the Commons hacking committee meeting by phantom pie flinger, Jonnie Marbles (real name Jonathan May-Bowles).

Yet considering this was an attack on an 80 year old man there seems to be almost no sympathy for the victim of the attack, in fact the reaction seems to be quite the contrary.

The public appear to be united in wanting to buy Jonnie Marbles a beer or have his children.

One gentleman said on Facebook "The wrong man was arrested, looks like Murdoch was the only person in the world who didn't know phone hacking was going on in his company" whilst others were much more colourful about what they would have done were they in close proximity to Rupert Murdoch.

Before the attack Jonnie tweeted "It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before. Splat!"

A handcuffed Jonnie Marbles spoke up whilst being marched away by the police "I’m sure Mr Murdoch will appreciate the irony when I say I cannot comment on an ongoing police investigation" .

Comic genius, even though The Sun would have you think otherwise.

Yes it could have been an acid attack and yes the security breach may put off future testimonials at similar commons committee meetings but let's get this into perspective. For years certain media businesses owned by Rupert Murdoch have been involved in abhorrent practices in the name of journalism.

If observations on social networks is anything to go by, the British public are unanimous in its hatred of Murdoch's media empire and if this empire was to fall there would be a street party stretching from London to Glasgow.

I could be wrong….

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