Katie Price AKA Jordan has flown her alleged toy-boy, Argentinian model, Leandro Penna into the country for her to spend some quality time with her by taking him for an Indian meal.

Nothing wrong with going for an Indian meal on a date and Katie Price showed off her extensive knowledge of Indian food by ordering Chicken Tikka Masala and Onion Bhajis then went back to Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner's flat where I am sure she treated Leandro to an evening of culture which would have included a demonstration of her singing voice and dancing skills.

The following morning the young Argentinian was rushed off to stay over at Katie's mansion where Alex Reid is apparently still living/squatting depending on who you listen to.

That should have been an interesting date.

One thing you can't say and that it is Katie Price isn't a romantic at heart who considers other people's feelings before her own public profile.

Ah well she is free to love again and let us not forget the talent which made the British public fall in love with her….

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