Katie Price AKA Jordan has been spotted with a love bite on her neck whilst enjoying a night out with her new love Leandro Penna.

The glamour model, television personality and author WTF? was sporting a noticeable bruise on her neck in pictures shown in The Sun consistent with the markings of a love-bite.

Could it be that Katie and Leanadro had passionate sexual intercourse which resulted in the bruise appearing on her neck? Or was the bruise caused accidentally when she attempted to use a vacuum cleaner for the first time whilst trying to re-enact her performance on this year's comic relief?

If the love-bite is the result of Katie and Leandro playing hide the sausage then there three vital pieces of information that need to be studied which will determine the course of mankind's evolution due to Jordan's elevated status:

1. Katie did not try hide the mark and it appears as if she chose to flaunt it with her hair worn up  instead of wearing it down to cover the offending mark……so is she trying to rub salt into husband No2 Alex Reid's wounds?

2. With her ex-husband 'Pete' tattoo (which was previously crossed out with an ink cross) coloured over with an image of a rose as a disguise covering (even though you can still make out the words 'Pete')……..so is she trying to rub salt into husband No1 Peter Andre's wounds?

3. This is the most unimportant piece of news I have ever written and therefore I should be shot squarely between the eyes for even writing about it.

What kind of world is it where a love bite on Katie Price"s neck gets priority in coverage when children are being told to go to school in Japan where the radiation safety levels have been raised regardless of the impact it will have on their health?

Is Katie Price important?

Only to thick people.

Are celebrities with no talent important?

Only to thick people.

Are the children of Japan important?

More than you can ever imagine…..

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