According to reports the inspirational (cough!) life of Katie Price AKA Jordan is set to become a blockbuster movie, which will enrich the culture of planet Earth and lead to a renaissance in art, film, poetry and literature.

This is not a joke.

Katie Price has said "I’ve got four autobiographies, well, they’re four diaries,”…..ah such sweet a sound to the ears of film critics who will undoubtedly be looking for the exit around about the time the cinema lights fade.

"I’ve found a producer and he’s already got three of them – I’m giving him the other one and that’s what they’re doing."……said the great orator with hair extensions.

The man with the golden wink, Simon Cowell, who is known for his contribution to the world of high art such as X factor will be backing Katie Price all the way.

Rumour has it Katie Price will be attending the Oscars this year (Just to add a touch of class to the proceedings) and will sit down to advanced talks regarding her life story hitting the big screen.

Apparently an insider in LA has said "Her life reads like a fairytale and would make a great motion picture.” …….. Cough!

The film will cover her marriage to Peter Andre and her farce..oops sorry marriage to Alex Reid as well as giving a few top footballers reason to not sleep well at night.

Katie's film sounds like Der Blaue Engel crossed with  Debbie Does Dallas… your tickets in advance.

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