Katie Price AKA Jordan has been forced to step up her security after a teen transvestite managed to get into her house after wringing the intercom buzzer and being let in by staff.According to the Sun, Katie was not at home at the time of the incident however the female member of staff who allowed the 17 year old transvestite into her home was said to have "Froze in horror" when confronted by the crossed dressed teen.

No charges have been brought against the teen because there was no proof of any law being broken.

Apparently the individual had travelled from Lincoln and even though he made no threats he still managed to scare the staff.

This young man was apparently obsessed with Jordan and had travelled some distance to have the pleasure of meeting her.

All this at a time when Jordan has been warned by the police that there may be a hostage plot brewing against her by a violent gang that targets rich celebrities in order to gain access to their fortunes.

If Jordan was to fall victim to one of these gangs and held hostage with a ransom on her head it could result in her vanishing from the public eye and not appearing in the media for a prolonged period of time.

That would be catastrophic…..cough!


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