In the past I have been critical of Magistrates and have even accused them of being out of touch and under trained. I have even gone so far as to claim that they lack the necessary life experiences to perform the role effectively.

But I must eat my words! And I do so gladly!

Although I still believe my previous comments are on the whole justifiable, a JP from Blackburn, Mr Austin Malloy has demonstrated to me that some are indeed fit for the job.

On Friday last, Mr Malloy sentenced two 16 year old delinquents for vandalising a cathedral. The two wrote sexual profanity in prayer books and damaged a priceless John the Baptist Cross at Blackburn Cathedral. The local Police didn’t need to call in their top detectives to solve this one though, because ‘Dumb and Dumber’ wrote their names in the Church’s visitor book before making off!

Mr Malloy quite rightly said to the youths whilst sentencing them to a fine and a supervision order, that ‘normal people would think that you were scum’.  I consider myself to be a normal person and, I agree with Mr Malloy, they are scum.

Now, a ‘normal’ person would think that Mr Mallory would be commended for showing that our court system is in touch with the feelings of the general public and also for voicing it in open court.


The Clerk of the court (who for those of you who don’t know is a trained solicitor), who was present when the JP issued his chastisement, attacked Mr Malloy claiming his language to be inappropriate. Furthermore she encouraged the mother of one of the yobs to make a formal complaint.

She did, and Mr Malloy finds himself barred from chairing the bench until further notice.

Never has there been such a shining example of the ‘politically correct’ sticking their meddling beak into a situation where only good was intended. The actions of this woman are reprehensible to the decent majority who think criminals deserve to be told that they are not appreciated and what we, as a whole think of them.

I am pleased to see that Mr Malloy is standing by his actions and has stated that in his view and that of his colleagues the Clerk overstepped the mark.  Mr Malloy again demonstrating his grasp of public perception added, “They needed to be told off. The courts need to start looking after the victims rather than the criminals”.

Bravo Mr Malloy!!

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