This deal of the Prime Minister's is completely dead! Why don't they just bring the meaningless vote forward to first thing tomorrow morning and put it out of its misery in the shortest and most painless way?


Why not just call a halt to this meaningless debate right now and get everyone working on a no deal WTO exit from the EU?

Now that the letter from the Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox QC, to Mrs May giving legal advice on the legal effect of the backstop on Northern Ireland has been produced, it has become clear that the leader of the so-called 'Conservative and Unionist Party' has changed it into the Theresa survivalist mob.

As MPs are continually pointing out, this deal is setting the UK up for failure and for the hiving off of Northern Ireland into the EU sphere of influence.

And we will be signing up to that in blood on tablets of stone.

But the only thing we as a country can rely on in return from the EU, is this term 'best endeavours in good faith'.

What planet do they think we were born on?

The SNP will vote against it, the Tory Brexiteers still look like they will vote it down, many Tory Remainers will vote it down, most of the Labour Party and Lib Dems will vote it down and importantly the DUP looks like it will now vote against the government – and they will have every right to do so given that this is a blatant crossing of at least one of the PM's red line assurances to the DUP at the start of her premiership. That new assignation UK(NI) did for that.

But I expect the government will soldier on with this waste of debating time, because when it gets voted down on 11th December, the government still gets 21 days to come up with a statement for the house – that would be the first of January then, but bear in mind the House is actually due to be in recess from the 20th December to the 7th January – then the government has a further seven sitting days to bring forward a motion in neutral terms for the house to consider the statement made the week before.

So we're well into January after a nice uninterrupted Christmas for our elected representatives. And that's without trying for a second time to get the deal through, if Theresa dared to try, that is.

And of course there's loads of speculation about a constitutional crisis, votes of no confidence, forcing the house to sit over Christmas, a Tory leadership challenge, a general election, another referendum etc etc etc. But most of it will be based on trying to reverse Brexit, not work on the obvious WTO exit solution.

And you know something, this is all down to one thing – the failure of the pro-EU establishment to get behind the people and work tirelessly for leaving the European Union.

And another thing, Brexit has not caused divisions, what caused the division right at the start was when the country was taken into the Common Market in 1973 without consultation or permission or telling the people of the true constitutional repercussions – from that point on, as the system morphed into the power-hungry and expansionist EU, this outcome was inevitable.

And this deal will not help, it will not heal the country, it will make divisions worse as we debate this supposed 'new deal' with the EU over the coming years, probably decades. The Brexit debate will just rage on.

And the reason it won't heal the country is because the EU wants to be the new country and its supporters now want the EU to be our new country and that was always the aim, but the majority rejected that.

To heal a country you have to have a country – a country that is independent and sovereign and controls its own destiny.

Anything else is a lie and a nonsense.

Just look at what this dichotomous situation has done to our once sovereign parliament.

They have received a direct instruction from the UK electorate, the ones our politicians once called their masters, but now only pay lip service to.

The problem is that the UK electorate may put crosses in boxes, but they are no longer the masters of the UK parliament – that power now resides with a minority of those who believe in the EU project, a project that these people believe that the UK must now bow to and serve. A project that need not bother itself with the niceties of democracy – or else why are we here in the first place.

And this orchestrated constitutional crisis is just a symptom of that problem.

To heal our country we must first take back full control of our country and rebuild it as a country.

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