Yes its the climax to the storyline every half-wit in Britain has been waiting for as Kat and Alfie Moon are reunited with their son Tommy in Eastenders.

This Friday Soap fans will get their fix of triviality and distraction from reality as Samantha Womack's character Ronnie Branning will finally tell her husband Jack, played by Scott Maslen, that Tommy is not hers and she swapped Tommy for their child while in the hospital after he died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Ronnie will then trot off down to the Queen Vic (for those more interested in the real world and don't give a stuff about mind numbing soaps the Queen Vic is the local pub in Eastenders) to tell landlord and landlady Alfie and Kat Moon (played by Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace) that their son is alive and make her apologies.

This storyline has outraged the bereaved parents of children who have died from cot death and was most insensitive in its delivery in particular with regards to the timing of the baby swap, which took place over the festive period and is a time when many parents who have lost children are trying to forget or at least come to terms with the pain of losing a child.

It is believed that this is the reason for Samantha Womack's departure from the show…..a move which has gained her much respect in the eyes of the general public.

But the British sheeple will tune in to watch this dross television show even though it educates them in no way and further distracts themselves from the reality of their largely meaningless existences as they are infused by bubble gum moral values and pointless sub plots, which will influence them and their moral values to create a national moral consensus.

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