The US First Lady, Michelle Obama, has been splashed across the American press for eating a high calorie meal.

For lunch yesterday, Monday 11th July, President Obama’s wife ordered a ‘ShackBurger’, fries, a chocolate shake as well as a Diet Coke from the newly opened ‘Shake Shack’ in Washington’s Dupont Circle.

According to all the feverishly conducted calorie counting calculations based on Shake Shack’s own web-site this totted up to a substantial 1,700 calories.

She was spotted by a Washington Post reporter who saw her order the snack in the new establishment, which was closed down to the public for the duration of her stay.

This has pricked interest as Michelle Obama launched the ‘Let’s Move’ anti-childhood obesity campaign. But the First Lady has admitted to ‘an obsession with French fries’.

This should be a bit of an alert for Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. Wherever she goes her diet and weight will be analysed, her figure compared to last year, last month, last week. And the smallest sign of weight gain and the speculation will be whether it’s pregnancy or over indulgence. Weight loss will raise questions about happiness or eating disorders. No getting old for her!

Michelle Obama is not at all fat and I’m rather glad that she has a healthy appetite that includes the odd treat such as this.

Health is not about being stick thin and eating starvation diets. Health is about eating a wide range of foods and taking plenty of exercise. With overall moderation in both. But it also includes being happy and indulging oneself once in a while. And the First Lady looks both happy and healthy to me.

I’m just thankful that neither I nor anyone else in my circle of family or friends is subjected to this close and public scrutiny of our eating (or other) habits.

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