The security at a Pulp gig in the Glastonbury festival has upset Kate Moss by not allowing her access to the backstage area.

Kate, who has become one of the most recognisable sights at the Glastonbury Festival, has been photographed arguing with  bouncers who seem determined not to let the fashion model in.

The reason for Kate's (who has VIP tickets)  refusal of entry has not been determined nor has it been determined if she was eventually allowed into the backstage area post photograph.

Kate Moss has in recent years become part of the fixtures and fittings for the now overly commercialised festival and she is quite often photographed prancing around in a large pair of sun glasses looking slightly squiffy.

But the question remains, has Glastonbury had enough of the middle class and celebrity influx that has now come to dominate the festival.

Well it looks like Glastonbury Festival founder and organiser, Michael Eavis thinks this may be the case because  this is Kate's second snub by the festival this year.

Eavis has decided that the exclusive bash run by Kate Moss every year in the PlayStation-sponsored marquee must come to an end.

Peasants ordinary festival goers and members of the general public are not allowed to into the PlayStation tent because  they are not famous enough its VIPs only.

Perhaps not everyone is impressed with Kate's partying ways?

Ah well I am sure she is just getting in some practice for her wedding coming up in the next few days. Another reason for Kate to party this year at Glastonbury is that Jamie Hince (Kate's husband to be) will be playing with his band, The Kills (who are actually pretty interesting) at the festival.

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