Party animal Kate Moss has decided to clean herself up by stopping  smoking and drinking alcohol so she can have a baby with her partner Jamie Hince.

Kate has been a part of the Jet Set party scene on a global level for many years and changing her lifestyle is not going to be easy.

Kate's rise as a model is famous for the mythology surrounding it after she was discovered aged 14 at JFK airport so her adult life has literally been lived in front of a camera lens and the pressure of the job (i.e. living on lettuce to stay skinny) as well as the luxury that accompanies it must have presented Kate with a very surreal life from a young age to which most people could not relate.

I could never survive on a model's diet and live on salad , I just about satisfy my appetite for food by eating creatures that eat salad.


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Anyway Kate famously went out with a clean living chap (Cough!) called Pete Doherty who is known for his love of health and fitness and their exploits involving a white powder from Columbia are well documented so this switch to a cigarette free lifestyle will be tough and a real shock to her system.

And that is why she is apparently having hypnotherapy to help her remove her bad habits.

Kate is known for loving her ciggies but I wish you all the best Kate I am about to give up smoking myself in the next few days (again!) after slipping up (gave up for 5 months) so I empathise with your predicament but I still think you get paid way too much for what you do.

Not jealous in the slightest and there may come a time when fat bald men become recognised for their beauty and I will be the new face of Vogue.

p.s. hope all goes well the conception I found it relatively painless and rather enjoyable.

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