In the proudest day of her life, Kate Nesbitt was awarded the Military Cross for bravery in the field. The Royal Navy Medical Assistant had braved Taliban fire to assist a comrade who was wounded in the neck during a firefight in Afghanistan last March. Kate remained with the wounded soldier, dressed the wound and prevented further haemorrhaging whilst the fight continued around her.

Kate, 21 and from Whitleigh in Plymouth, received the award watched by her proud parents. She is only the second female in the armed forces to receive this medal.The citation for bravery reads: "Under fire and under pressure her commitment and courage were inspirational and made the difference between life and death. She performed in the highest traditions of her service."

She just said that she just did what she was sure anyone else would do.

The first woman in the military to be receive this award was Private Michelle “Chuck” Norris of the Royal Army Medical Corps for bravery on 11th June 2006 when she leapt out of her Warrior to assist the vehicle commander who had been wounded. She had been attached to the Princess of Wales’s Regiment in Iraq.

This award should show everyone that our armed forces, male and female of any service are ready to step up to the mark to be counted and do their job. The recent operation involving the RFA Wave Knight and Mr and Mrs Chandler, which attracted some adverse comment about the Royal Navy, was not a failure of front line staff but of the political weakness to give the forces the correct parameters within which to operate.

Well done Medical Assistant Able Seaman First Class Kate Nesbitt MC!

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