The world was rocked today by the news that Katia Ivanova and Heidi Fleiss have been evicted from the Big Brother house. This life changing news has eclipsed another story about an earthquake hitting somewhere called Haiti (for the benefit of Big Brother viewers Haiti is a country which can be found just right of Jamaica on something called a map).

An ex mogul of the sex industry and an ex girlfriend of a famous and talented old man have been voted out of the Big Brother house by the public who are engrossed in the meaningless antics of a few individuals whose collective contribution to humanity's evolution and the arts has been limited to say the least.

Yes some of the inmates are decent enough people but the disproportionate media attention is starting to border on the tasteless.

Why are we not coming together as a nation and sorting out our financial problems and running to the aid of the less fortunate.

Just sending a hamper of food will save lives at a time when men, women and children are starving.

Many in Britain feel that sending their hard earned (Cough!) money to all these different countries is a waste of time.

Those who hold such opinions should be forced to swap places with the survivors of this disaster just so they can learn a little human compassion.

Come on Britain, turn off the tripe that you're watching and wake up because your fellow man is suffering and in pain.

Act now and do something to help. You can moralise and dissect your actions later when you return to your perch in front of the television for the next eviction of another of society's heroes from a house filled with cameras which desensitises you to a life of continuous surveillance.

Britain, you really have become rather stupid and your hearts have grown cold with the day to day exposure to television programs that are slowly hacking away at your intellect and humanity.

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