Once again the Russian genius has gone and walked straight into controversy by losing her mobile phone with naughty images of her and Ronnie Wood.

It does make you wonder why she would wish to keep such images worth a fortune in the hands of the right person (or on eBay) on her phone.

Some would even hint at gold digging. Whatever the reason for keeping the images she has gone and dropped herself right in it, I wonder how this will affect her newly found lingerie modelling career?

Or did the images exist in the first place? After all she really does have no obvious talent and the public seemed to have warmed to her like they did to the Black Death in the 14th century.

So hyping up a story about her losing her mobile phone which may or may not contain naughty images of her romping with a famous talented drunken old Rolling Stone is one way to get media attention.

By all accounts she is rather upset about the whole thing so maybe she should be left alone and I will leave her and all other sub-celebs alone as soon as they are out of the media that bombards us all with their unimportant lives 24 hours a day.

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