According to reports in the gutter press, Katie Price aka Jordan may have signed a copy of her literary masterpiece for a 13 year old boy with a message that may have  sexual overtones.

13 year old Jack McBirney was apparently taken aback when Katie Price (Who is known for wearing outfits that display her surgically enhanced breasts) asked him if he was looking at that which she was displaying (said breasts).

The young lad who seems to enjoy collecting signed copies of books (He already has Patrick Moore and Brian May signed copies of their respective books) was quite embarrassed but for Jack that was not the end of the matter.

Jordan Price or whatever her name is then apparently went on to leave a message in the book saying "To Jack and Wet Dreams, Jordan".

Shirley Williams who I believe is Jack's grandmother is disgusted by Jordan's behaviour.

Oh dear what a world we live in…..if this is true then it's one step too far and a sure sign that Katie Price is no role model for children (I wonder what Peter Andre will think of his ex-wife's behaviour…)

I wonder what Jordan would say if a celeb signed her son's book with a similar message? Then again that is not a good comparatison seeing as Jordan's family values are well documented i.e. her insinuation that children whose parents are not together are lucky because they get more presents.

But in a world where there is very little left in the way of morality when it comes to celebrities and the fashion is to be as crude as possible this is not an unexpected turn of events.

Innocence is rapidly fading or rather being stripped away for the pubescent in 21st century Britain…..Perhaps we should erect a 200 foot gravestone to commemorate the 'old values'  with Jordan's inscription "To Jack and Wet Dreams, Jordan" as the epitaph to childhood innocence.

But all this nonsense reporting of someone with no obvious talent is pure and unnecessary speculation if this report is not true.  I almost feel sorry for Katie Price because this would be a malicious attack on her character if the facts reported in the gutter press are fabricated.

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