Katie Price and Alex Reid are set to announce that they are splitting up, after months of rumours and speculation regarding the state of their marriage appears to be coming to a head.

The much awaited press conference yesterday to confirm the split from their 11 month marriage did not happen but by all accounts the statements are prepared to confirm the split.

Alex Reid was pictured yesterday looking very glum at a martial arts demonstration to 60 people but refused to comment on any questions appertaining to his marriage.

But Katie price was apparently busy all day with solicitors trying to prevent Alex Reid from gaining ground in any divorce settlement and safekeeping her £40 million fortune for her children.

All rather sad for Alex and Katie (Unless their relationship/marriage was just a huge publicity stunt to promote their respective careers) but hardly an important turn of events in the scheme of things when you consider the impending economic demise of the western world and floods in Australia yet the public demand to hear celebrity stories to distract themselves from the mundane and largely meaningless existences they lead.

Or do they?

Could this endless reporting on their unimportant lives all be part of some mass brainwashing experiment to dumb down the public?

After all in the cold light of day Alex Reid and Katie Price are not important as they are made out to be…..but I do feel sorry for Mr Reid because he seems like a genuinely nice bloke.

Ah well……

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