No gents I'm afraid she is trying to hire her services on the next series of  'The Apprentice', which should prove entertaining to say the least.

I am sure that she will bring to the world of business that which she brought to the world of culture.


All the reality television fans will be glad to know their artificially enhanced ambassador is ready to teach Alan Sugar a trick or two in what should be yet again another car crash television moment.

Now I am not going to be too mean about Jordan or whatever she is calling herself on any given day.

After all, she has made a shed load of money out of excelling at absolutely nothing, which is in itself testament to the fact that she does know something about money.

But when it comes to getting involved in a serious television show that puts would be entrepreneurs and businessmen through the process of elimination I think they could get a bit annoyed if the silicone queen in some way influences a decision which results in their sacking.

Its like sitting your G.C.S.E.s and finding out that your 6 year old brother is marking the results.

I think enough is enough. We have these non entities pontificating upon matters they clearly have no idea about, for example Simon Cowell talking about music.

Selling lots of records with no musical merit does not mean you know anything about music except how to market rubbish.

Anyway back to Jordan Price and society.

If we are not careful this woman will end up as governor of the Bank Of England and Will Young will be Prime Minister (Peter Mandelson may approve of that appointment).

Does anyone else think this is a step too far in the dumbing down of our society?

What happened in the noughties? Why did we allow people with no obvious talent to ascend the ladder in society and become the focal point of aspiration and quality controllers over subjects they have no experience of? Utter tripe. If this is the way forward then I hope it works the other way around. I will become a glamour model and give birth to readdress the balance of a society teetering on the edge of moral and cultural destruction. It's like the last days of Rome with the Barbarians knocking on the doors, except this time the Barbarians have fake breasts.

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